Alaska Good Sam Club

Helpful Hints for travelling to and in Alaska 

Things to consider when RVing in Alaska for a recreational vehicles are electricity, fuel and water service.  Most all are avaliable but you should be self suffecient due to the long distances between stops.  Alaska has many great sights to enjoy.  Being prepaired will make your trip more plesent. 
To be sure, the longer you can travel self-contained in Alaska, the easier your trip.  But even those folks with on board generators and seemingly bottomless water and waste tanks eventually need service.  And in Alaska--where dump stations may be 250 miles apart it takes good planning to not have a problem.
I suggest that you first purchase a copy of the Milepost book.  It will be very helpful with your travels.  I also suggest that you consider purchasing Good Sam Emergency Road Service or AAA Road Service covererage.  If you have a problem with your vehicle I suggest you carry a spare fan belt, upper and lower radiator hose, spare idler pulley, antifreeze and oil.  A small tool box is most helpful.  Most of the time if you have the parts it can be fixed in remote areas.  This will keep you from spending a long time waiting for parts to arrive.  Make sure that tire pressure is up to manufactures recommended levels.  Make sure that tires are in new or like new shape.  One spare tire is all that is needed. 
Since the events of 9/11 things have changed when crossing the American and Canadian boarders. Passports are now necessary for border crossings, and you will need a valid driver's license as well.  For those who intend to fly to Alaska, currently two picture ID's are required, one being your driver's license. For further info contact U.S. Boarder at Alaska Boarder crossing.  They are very helpful. If you do not have a passport be sure to apply now as it takes a while.

While traveling in Alaska at anywhere you may have a medical emergency. This can be very expensive. One case where a person had to be medivaced by ground and air to a hospital in Anchorage cost $35,000. I suggest that you purchase insurance coverage to help with this expense in case it is needed. There are two companies which offer this kind of service for about $100.00 which cover the whole family for one year. They are Good Sam Club Emergency Plus ( and ( This could save you a lot of money.

Firearms are not necesary jn either Alaska or Canada.  Check with the proper authorities before attempting to bring weapons.  Some are strictly prohibited in Canada.
Be sure to have insurance coverage for traveling in Canada.  Good Sam VIP and State Farm are two that offer excellent protection for Canadian travel..  Make sure that you have full coverage as there are many uninsured motorist as in all states.  Full coverage pays. 
Health insurance and prescriptions should be checked to make sure that your coverage will work in both Canada and Alaska.  Canadians, as I understand it have to purchase special medical insurance to be covered while in the USA.  Contact Good Sam insurance plans.  They may be able to help with this.
With the advances in technology, cell phone coverage should work throughout Canada, although there may be exceptions.  Caution and preparedness should be the order of the day.  Let your friends and family know your schedule to insure that assistance will be available in emergencies  Coverage throughout Alaska is good to excellent.. 
The "state insect," the mosquito, can be a serious nuisance at times.  It is best to carry plenty of repellant and/or netting, whichever is your personal preference.


Take all precautions when hiking and camping!!.

If you feel that you may need assistance,get a copy of the Standby Sams book from the Good Sam Club, or download one from the Good Sam Web site. In addition, you can download the Alaska Standby Sams list from this web site.
Finally, you are always welcome to contact me.  As the Alaska State Director, as well as a proud resident of this great state of Alaska, I will do what I can to help you in your visit.
Darwin Fischer