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A day in the life of… Sarah Keller, Chief Global Enterprise Officer at Global Message Services

Sarah Keller is the Chief Global Enterprise Officer at Global Message Services (GMS), a messaging platform that provides enterprise solutions in SMS, WhatsApp, push notifications and chatbots, amongst other channels. We asked Keller about the value of messaging for customer engagement, how brands can ensure consumer privacy, and the opportunities afforded by automation. Tell me about […]

Ad targeting illustration featuring a large magnet pulling hearts, likes and money towards it. One person is sitting in the bend of the magnet with a laptop, another is standing next to it with a bow and arrow. Another is nearby with a clipboard. Images of a clock, a target with an arrow in it, and a video play icon surround the magnet.

The contextual advertising boom: What is it, and how can brands take advantage?

In an increasingly privacy-conscious web, contextual ad targeting is having a moment. Discussion website and self-proclaimed ‘front page of the internet’, Reddit, recently announced the acquisition of Spiketrap, an audience contextualisation company. As well as further building out Reddit’s advertising offering, the move to acquire Spiketrap highlights Reddit’s intention to capitalise on advertising that matches […]