Alaska Good Sam Club

Alaska Standby Sams are here to help in time of need.  Advice in finding repair locations, sight seeing, and help finding the best RV Parks.

Anchor Point 
Don Burt                   (907)-235-4298
Harold Wagner           (907)-644-8462
Elmer & Ginny Willey (907)-333-7634
Claude Klaver            (907)-479-7633
Ralph Miller               (907)-474-9483
Juneau/Auke Bay
Carol Pitts                 (907)-789-6801)
North Pole
Klaus Gumb              (907)-388-0154
Marty Baston             (907)-745-3029
Larry McAllister          (907)-376-4924



Additionally, your Alaska State Director ,Darwin Fischer, is an experienced "heavy hauler" driver.  He is registered as a "Pinch Hit Driver" with the Family Motorcoach Association, which means that, in the event of an emergency, he is adequately qualified to drive your rig to a destination of your choice.  If you have need of this service, please contact him for details.