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2023 Trends

Retail media in 2023: What do the experts predict?

News and developments in retail media dominated 2022. “Everything is an ad network“, summarised analyst and investor Eric Seufert. As online continues to represent an increased proportion of shopper spend in the wake of Covid-19, retailers (and beyond) are increasingly waking up to the advertising opportunities that this presents – while brands are seeking new […]

paid social

Social advertising in 2023: What do the experts predict?

It has been a tumultuous year in social advertising, as brands and advertisers pulled back on paid social amid macro-economic challenges and iOS privacy updates. So, as we head into 2023, can we expect a different story? We spoke to industry experts to get some insight into what’s to come, with brand safety, first-party data, […]

on demand tv streaming

From TV to short-termism? Discussing 2023 ad budgets with the attribution experts

UK advertisers are planning to cut-back on offline media in favour of digital spend, as the recession puts increased pressure on budgets. This is according to research from ISBA and Ebiquity, who surveyed 59 brand advertisers (which included three of the UK’s top 10 by spend and 11 of the UK’s top 50).

Nikki Gilliland speaks to a few people in attribution and media optimisation about what’s happening in advertising right now, and how this might impact the over-arching goals of digital media spend.

Latest Reports

The Fundamentals of Digital Advertising

With the digital arena expanding to include apps, TVs, virtual worlds and even outdoor billboards, digital advertising has grown vastly in size and scope in recent years. This best practice guide looks at how marketers can successfully plan, create, execute and measure digital ad campaigns.

Quick Guide to Online Video

This quick guide looks at the power of video as a marketing tool and outlines the key considerations for creating a video strategy, from setting objectives and defining the audience to content planning and distribution.

Ad targeting illustration featuring a large magnet pulling hearts, likes and money towards it. One person is sitting in the bend of the magnet with a laptop, another is standing next to it with a bow and arrow. Another is nearby with a clipboard. Images of a clock, a target with an arrow in it, and a video play icon surround the magnet.

The contextual advertising boom: What is it, and how can brands take advantage?

What exactly do we mean when we talk about contextual advertising? Why is this particular type of advertising – once the predominant method of online ad targeting, which later took a back seat to behavioural targeting – experiencing a resurgence in popularity? And how can brands employ it to best effect?

Latest Articles

presenter on screen discussing retail media

Take a deep dive into retail media with Econsultancy’s new learning plan, ‘Optimising the Retail Media Opportunity’

Econsultancy has just expanded its Ecommerce Deep Dive learning content with a new learning plan, Optimising the Retail Media Opportunity, which explores how marketers and advertisers can best exploit retail media as part of their overall marketing mix. Retail media has surged in importance and relevance in recent years as increased online traffic has led […]

A day in the life of… Yieldmo’s Lisa Bradner

Lisa Bradner is the Chief Commercialization Strategy Officer at programmatic ad exchange Yieldmo. We sat down with Lisa to discuss advances in programmatic, including contextual targeting, behaviour modelling and ad budgets. Tell me about your role… What does a typical day look like for you? At a macro-level, I’m the voice of our customer internally […]

Three examples of FMCG campaigns across TikTok, AR and shoppable video

Despite issues like brand safety and ‘signal loss’ – a term used in the ad industry to refer to attribution difficulties in the wake of new privacy and anti-tracking measures – social media remains a priority for marketers who are eager to reach engaged consumers. Marketers are also using contextual advertising to do so, creating […]

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