Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Training

Econsultancy’s Multi-Touch Learning offers you on-demand and in-person training to upskill your team for the future. 

Econsultancy microlearning

World-class platform

The Econsultancy Skills Cloud training platform offers you more than traditional online courses. You will have 300+ accredited courses, 500+ bite-sized lessons, and all of our best-practice research at your fingertips. 

Every learner will get a personalised training plan with CPD-accredited lessons, suited for their specific needs, along with downloadable certification. 

Extensive range of topics

Covering nine digital marketing topics: digital advertising; content marketing; customer experience; data and analytics; ecommerce; email and CRM; SEO; social media; and strategy.  

Every Econsultancy member gets access to a comprehensive library of training resources. Our deep-dive training provides an incredible level of expertise across three popular topics: ecommerce, customer experience and data and analytics. 

Digital Intelligence Briefing: 2018 Digital Trends for Creative and Design Leaders

Advanced learning design

Our training courses are interactive and enjoyable with clear learner outcomes. They offer your teams a practical approach to learning and all courses are applicable to real-world digital marketing activity.

Explore the Ecommerce channel

The Ecommerce deep-dive channel is for ecommerce and marketing professionals looking to take their knowledge to the next level.

The Ecommerce channel covers three broad topics:

Explore the Customer Experience channel

The customer experience (CX) deep-dive channel is for organisations and marketing professionals who want to create more meaningful interactions with their customers across the buyer’s journey.

The customer experience (CX) channel covers three broad topics:

Explore the Data and Analytics channel

The data and analytics deep-dive channel is for organisations and marketing professionals looking to improve the effectiveness of their marketing operations through data and insights.

The data and analytics channel covers three broad topics:

Econsultancy ecommerce training

A wide range of digital marketing courses

Foundation Series Learning Plans: A series of 27 online courses covering nine digital marketing topics in three sections. Topics covered are Digital Advertising, Content Marketing, Customer Experience, Data & Analytics, Ecommerce, Email & CRM, Search, Social, and Strategy. Certificated and accredited.

Fast Track to Digital Marketing Learning Plan: An on-demand online training plan comprising 12 video modules and an exam. Certificated and accredited with 18 hours CPD.

Microlearning Library: An extensive library of over 200 bite-sized and practical videos that provide general understanding on a wide range of key topics.

Helping you learn in different ways

We know people learn in different ways, which is why we develop training that fits your team and company culture. We’ve developed our approach to upskill teams today and change mindsets for tomorrow.

Online and in-person events

Join our thriving community through live online and in-person events. Network with your peers and stay up to date with industry trends. 

Best practice and trends research

Keep pace with change through trends analysis, case studies and editorial insights. 

Gamification and social learning

Engage and connect everyone on the team through league tables, easily shareable content, an online forum and opportunities to ‘ask an expert’.

Customise your plan

Take your pick: from off-the-shelf training, curated content or a completely bespoke curriculum for your organisation and people. 

Live training for teams

Our unique range of training events can help your teams become high-performing problem-solvers and innovators, as well as developing individual skillsets. All training can be customised to your company’s goals.

Livelearning burstsengage your team by mixing group learning into everyday practice

Mini-missions – live-learning sessions to help your people embed knowledge through practical application.   

Bootcamps – get your team into tip-top shape through stimulating sessions, with a focus on practical application.   

Led by digital experts

Our experts have all worked as digital marketers and are adept at providing real-world examples that will bring your team’s learning to life.

Participatory sessions

Our interactive and engaging sessions will connect your team, embedding excellence through participation and group learning.

Highly rated

92% of our team training courses are rated ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ by participants.

Across the world

We have dedicated teams of programme managers who are delivering training in 89 countries.

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